If you compare the price of a steak knife with a set of kitchen knives, it may seem like they are a little much. But when you use these special knives for their specific purpose – cutting meat – they make certain tasks much more straightforward.

This article will talk about how to care for and maintain your steak knives to ensure that they last longer and stay sharper longer. 

Basic Care and Maintenance for Your Steak Knives:

Steak knives are great tools for fast and clean cuts of meat. However, if you misuse them, the blade will dull faster. As a result, the knife will start to fray and chip. This can make it harder to cut through the meat. If this problem continues over time, the blade can split completely or spread apart. Even worse, if you don’t sharpen your steak knives regularly, they may break completely or crack in two.


Caring for your steak knives should start from storage. When you’re not using them, you should take them out of the kitchen and store them in a dry, clean place. This will help to prevent food particles or moisture from building up on the blade and causing rust.

Keeping Your Steak Knives Sharp

Keeping your steak knives sharp is one of the crucial steps to maintain them. This is especially important for people who don’t use their knives frequently. If they are not sharp enough, you may struggle to cut through your steak with ease. As a result, the blade may get dull and chip more quickly than it should.

-You can maintain your knife edges by honing the blade regularly. This can be done with a honing steel, which holds the knife at an angle and cuts very slowly into the steel. This is done a few times a week to keep your blades sharp.

-Another way to sharpen your steak knives is through oil and water. This method uses an oilstone with water on it. After putting the blade at an angle on the stone, it should be rubbed repeatedly across the stone. This will sharpen both sides of the knife and keep it in good shape for another cooking session.

-Many people also use a diamond sharpener to keep their knives sharp. This is especially convenient if you don’t want to spend time honing them yourself. It is also helpful because it takes less time to sharpen than it does with oils and stones.


If you take the time to keep your meats clean and follow the food safety guidelines then, you will not need to scrub your steak knives before cooking or cutting up the meat, but if you notice that the meat is not cutting cleanly or food particles are on the knife, you can use a bar of soap and a dish towel to clean your knife.


You will not need to oil your steak knives after every use. However, it is important that you keep them from drying out by applying oil occasionally. It’s also important to keep the lube secure so as not to waste it during daily use. A knife oil guard is a great way to keep food particles and moisture out of your knife.


If your knives develop rust spots, you must remove them. It may be a quick fix to rub the rust off with sandpaper. However, the salt will eventually dry out and leave a stain on your knife, which may not come off. If this happens, you should remove the blade from its handle and polish it with steel wool or another abrasive.

Using Your Steak Knives

One of the best ways to ensure that your steak knives stay sharp is to use them properly. When you use them, always hold the blade at an angle. Do not put pressure on the knife blade while cutting with it, as this can damage the edges. Also, cut through the meat at an angle rather than cutting straight down in one direction. This will ensure that you get a clean cut that leaves little to no meat attached to the knife.

Wash your steak knives by hand immediately after use. If you wait too long, you will need to scrub them thoroughly to eliminate all the leftover food particles and grease. This will ensure that they last longer and don’t rust or crack as quickly.

If you follow these guidelines, then your steak knives will last for years to come. You can prevent chipping and crack by making sure that your knives are sharp and well oiled during use.

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Steak knives can be an investment for a person who is passionate about cooking. However, if you take care of them and maintain them properly, they will last much longer than an average kitchen knife. Properly storing your steak knives, cleaning them when necessary and keeping the edge sharp are all good ways to ensure that they stay in good condition for as long as possible.