The steak knife is a piece of cutting utensil that is designed specifically for slicing meat. Its sharp edge allows the cook to easily cut through tough cuts of meat and achieve the desired thickness. The blade was traditionally made from either stainless steel or carbon steel.

No matter what type of knife you use, proper care and cleanliness are always necessary. Take time to clean your steak knife after use properly. If you leave food particles on the blade, they may become discolored over time, and you will be required to replace your knife much sooner.

The Following Are Some of the Factors That Make a Good Steak Knife:

1. Blade

The blade’s length, width, and thickness contribute heavily to the steak knife’s performance. It is important to know what size of the blade is appropriate for the meat you are cooking. The knife must be long enough to allow the cook to easily cut through tough slices of meat without having to exert too much pressure on the blade. Too small or short a blade will strain the cook’s wrist and arm muscles and give them aches or pains after use. When purchasing your steak knife, look for the size that comforts your hands.

2. Handle

The handle is the part of the knife that you hold in your hand before use. It should be comfortable to hold but strong enough to distribute pressure from the hand evenly as you cut through meat and produce a clean cut. Knives with longer handles are more convenient, especially for cutting from awkward angles or on tables. You should also make sure that the handle is well-padded with an extra cushion to prevent slippage or slip out of your hand while using it during a meal.

3. Materials

The material used in making the blade has a huge impact on its performance and durability. Good steak knives are made from high carbon steel or stainless steel.

4. Sharpness

The sharpness of the blade is influenced by the materials used in making them and how they were manufactured. It is important to look for a steak knife with a blade that has been ground down to its sharpest edge without being too thin and prone to snapping easily. Many modern-day blades have fine serrations on the end of the blade, which helps enhance its performance while slicing through meat without pushing it down hard into the surface of the food being cut.

How Many Types of Steak Knife Available?

There are two kinds of steak knives: serrated and plain edge. They have different functions and uses.

Plain-edge knife

Plain-edge knives are designed to slide easily through the meat without needing to be sliced or sawed in meat. These steak knives can be on the thinner side but still stiff enough to allow you to slide it through a nicely prepared medium-rare steak without too much effort to start with. Plain-edge blades are best used for thinly sliced cuts of meat such as steaks, poultry, roast beef, and pork chops.

From the different brands in the market, high-grade stainless steel models are considered ideal for use on tougher meats. This type of blade is often rusting on the raw materials and requires proper cleaning after every use. The plain-edge blade is usually considered ideal for serving steaks and chops to guests as they are more difficult to slice.

Serrated steak knife

Serrated blades are made with serrations around the edge of the blade. A serrated edge is ideal for slicing through meat that has been cooked thoroughly. The teeth of the serrated blade will easily cut through the surface of a well-done steak and give a clean, professional appearance to the cuts. Serrated blades are also great for cutting bread, tomatoes, and other non-meat items.

From the various models available in stores, high carbon stainless steel models are also solid at resisting rusts even if they are not well cleaned after every use. These blades will need more maintenance than plain-edge steak knives, which require less effort for cleaning purposes and can be done quickly to ensure maximum durability.

Some Top-Rated Steak Knives to Opt For:

1. J.A zwillings steak knife set:

The knives in the J.A. (J.A.) Zwiilngs set is made from high-quality stainless steel, while their handles are rosewood for extra durability. Rosewood is known for its resistance to cracking, peeling, and warping. This makes it an excellent surface for knife handles.

2. Opinel 8-piece mini steak knife set:

This high-quality cutlery comes in either a red or black finish with a wood handle, providing extra durability as well as comfort when holding your steak knives while preparing food. The Opinel knives also have the trademarked ‘helix’ blade that allows easy cutting through food, whether meat or vegetables, without any effort from the cook’s side.

3. SCHREG Top Quality 6-pc set:

These knives are made from high carbon stainless steel that is known for their rust resistance and durability. Their blades have been ground to their sharpest edge, while the handles are made of wood for extra strength and stability while holding the knife.

4. Henckels Classic 7-Piece Steak Knife Set:

The knives within this set are known to be some of the best steak knives available on the market today, allowing a cook to slice through meat or vegetables with ease and precision easily. They are also constructed from high-quality stainless steel that is known for its ruggedness and durability.

5. Victorinox 6-pc Professional Steak Knife set:

This set is made up of six steak knives that have been designed to provide maximum functionality and performance. The blades within the set are made from high carbon stainless steel, while the handles are manufactured from a durable non-slip rubberized material to make your cutlery comfortable to hold while using it. This means you can slice through meat or vegetables without having to exert too much pressure on the blade – Minimal effort means minimal impact and strain on your wrists and arms. Victorinox has been in business since 1884, producing top-quality cutlery for its customers.


Even though steak knives cost more than regular kitchen knives, they are well worth the price. In addition to being easy to clean between uses, the stronger blade will provide you with a better cut of meat and last longer than your average knife. Look for a quality knife that is made from high carbon steel or stainless steel, but also make sure that the handle fits well in your hand.