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Position of Steak Knives on the Dining Table

It depends on whether the guests are right-handed or left-handed. If you have right-handed guests, the best place to put the steak knives is down on the plate directly in front of them. If they are left-handed, it would be better to have steak knives on the left side of their plate. Why are steak knives placed to the right of the scale?

The answer is quite simple. If there are two guests, one will probably be a right-handed person seating himself/herself to eat their meal, and another would be a left-handed person sitting in front of them. If you pass the plate in your left hand in your right hand, you will also hold the steak knife in your right hand when you take it back. When placing the steak knife on the plate, it would be awkward for you to take it back without holding both hands. By putting it on its side, only taking one hand, it becomes easier for you to do so. By placing it on its side, you can bring the plate in your right hand and take the steak knives in with that hand. In this way, when your left hand is full of food, you can make a quick move to place the blade on the plate without having to hold both hands.

Position of Silverware on the Dining Table

Silverwares should be brought to a table in a prearranged order. On the left side of the plates, you will find forks, knives, and spoons. Then on the right side, just above the dinner plate, you will find crystal glasses and wine glasses. This order is for your convenience when you eat your meal. If you are having soup, it is convenient to have a spoon right beside you for your soup. But if it is a steak, it will be better if fork and knife are beside your plate. If you want to have something from another tray, such as the salad tray or the fruit tray, to a cheese tray, a carving knife and a fork would be necessary.

Arrangement of Steak Knives and Silverware on the Table

There are many various ways of arranging steak knives and tableware on the dining table. Some people prefer to have only one type of tableware, but they are also not against having two or three different types of dinnerware. Another way people choose to arrange their steak knives is traditionally set in a diamond pattern. Other tables have them in a semicircle, in which, in some cases, the blades will be placed in the center of the dish, while in other cases, they will be placed next to each other. Generally speaking, the placement of steak knives and silverware is also determined by two main factors.

The first factor will be based on the kind of tableware that you have in your home. Most people prefer to have a complete set of dinnerware for their dining room, whether they are buying a new location or an existing one that is already in place in their dining room. If you have a complete set of dining room tableware, then it would be best to keep them arranged in this manner to prevent any accidents or breakage during your dinner party.

The second factor determining where you should place steak knives and silverware would be based on what kind of décor your dining room has. If your room is traditional in design and you would like to keep your tableware arranged conventionally, then it would be best to keep the steak knives and silverware in their respective places on the table. If you have a modern décor room, it would be best to place your steak knives and tableware unusually and unconventionally. If you do not want to go to the trouble of renovating your dining room or if you want a change to the traditional décor, then it would also be a good idea to keep your steak knives, and silverware arranged unusually and unconventionally.

Decorating a Formal Table With Steak Knives and Silverwares

Most people usually place their steak knives and silverware on the right side of their plates. But now, with the modern world style, especially with the business people who are always in a hurry or are very busy, they would instead place their knives on the left side of the plate. They are right-handed and would prefer to have their knife farther away from them to not be within reach of them when eating.

So why is it common to have steak knives placed on the left side of the plate? It is pretty simple. You have to have a complete set of tableware, then all you need to do is place your steak knives on one tray beside your dinner plate. If you are not having a complete set of tableware, you can also do the same thing by placing your steak knives on their side. The silverware should be placed beside the plate either way, whether on your left or right side of the plate.

Forks should be placed signified by facing up, while the knives should be facing down. The spoons should also be placed illustrated by facing down. In contrast, the crystal glasses and wine glasses should always be placed above the dinner plates so that they will not fall off your table or have any accidents happen to your glasses or dishes when you are eating.

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This article has described how to give steak knives to the guests at your dinner table. It has also explained how to prepare your silverware on the dining table. By following these simple steps, you can easily arrange your steak knives and fork before sitting down to eat your dinner. This article has given you more information on putting steak knives and silverware for a formal dining room or table setting.