A common cooking pro-tip is to rinse off the knives before continuing with slicing, but many people skip this step. After all, rust has no taste, and you’ve already cleaned up the knife blade. WRONG! Not only does rust give off an unattractive coloring to your food, but it can also ruin the blade. 

Ways to Get the Rust Off:

Here are a few tricks for getting pesky marks off of your stainless steel knives:

1. Use Used Coffee Grounds: Imagine what else it can do if you have used coffee grounds to perk up your coffee! Grind up some used coffee grounds and rub them onto the blade to remove rust from your stainless steel knives. Let the grounds sit for a few minutes, then wipe them off with a damp cloth. You should see a huge difference in removing the rust, plus the additional benefit of a brighter kitchen.

2. Salt: After using your knives on a cutting board, the chances are that they have picked up some skin cells and debris. To clean off the knife’s blade (and hopefully remove any rust), grind a lot of salt onto the blade and rub it into the metal with your fingers. You can then use a damp cloth to wipe it off.

3. Lemon Juice: Although this one might seem a bit extreme, it actually works. If you have any lemon juice on hand, rub the lemons into the knife’s blade and let it sit for a while. Then, wipe it off with a coarse towel. With this method, you can effectively eliminate all rust on your knives without risking discoloring by scrubbing them with soap and water.

4. Ice: Another old-school alternative is to put the food you plan to slice on a sheet of ice. The cold will keep your knife blade from rusting, and it will also make for a much cleaner cut. After cutting, simply throw away the ice and wash off any rust or gunk that remains on your knife.

5. Steel Wool: If you’re not a fan of using the rust removal methods mentioned above, simply sprinkle steel wool with dish soap and scrub your knife. This method is effective, but it does reveal the tool’s true color underneath.

6. Use a Stainless Steel Cleaning Cream: If none of these methods worked for you, it is time to turn to commercial cleaners instead of natural products. These cleaners are specially formulated to remove rust and stains from stainless steel without leaving any residue behind.

Ways to Prevent Steak Knives From Rust:

1. Always store your knives in a knife block or block holder to prevent them from getting rust on them.

2. Store your knives in the dishwasher to keep them clean and rust-free.

3. Hand wash your knife instead of using the dishwasher to minimize contact with bacteria.

4. Avoid using your knives for any task that might damage or break the blade, including chopping food, cutting apple cores, and prying things apart (unless you’re sure you can do so safely).

5. Don’t leave your knife in the sink after you’re done with it, as this can allow rust to develop.

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With the above advice, you must have already known the fact that stainless steel knives are not rust-proof. They can easily rust because they are not made or coated with metal coating on their surface, which blocks oxygen from entering and contaminating its final environment.

In other words, these knives will be very brittle and prone to rusting even if you’ve already washed them out. But the good thing about these types of knives is that they can still be used to prepare food even if they have rust on them.