Many people are unaware that they could sharpen their own knives or that it is a skill you can learn and practice at home. There are many different ways to sharpen your knife, some with household items, some without. This blog post is meant to provide people with information and the best way to sharpen knives. It will not be about knives specifically, but instead knife maintenance.

Different Ways to Sharpen the Steak Knives:

1. Using a Sharpening Stone:

This is not the best way to sharpen steak knives, but this is the best way if you are trying to fix a very dull knife. First, take a wet cloth or wet rag to ensure your sharpening stone does not slip while you are using it. Then take a couple of drops of oil and put this on the sharpening stone. Unfortunately, only diamond glazed steels can be polished on a sharpening stone.

Types of Sharpening Stone:

Diamond sharpening stone:

A diamond sharpening stone is the best way to sharpen a knife. To use one of these, make sure that there are no chunks of meat or food stuck to it and there is not too much oil on the stone. This can void your warranty on the stone and cause damage to your knife. 

Japanese water stones:

Among the common whetstones used for sharpening knives, Japanese water stones are the most recommended. These are abrasive stones. To use these, rub it on the knife, and then it should glide smoothly on the blade.

2. Table Mounted Sharpening Machine:

This is a machine that looks like a drill that uses a rotating diamond to sharpen the knife. The problem with this machine is that it heats and cools the blade, which makes the blade lose its temper, making it too brittle. It is not guaranteed to be universal for all knives, and it is recommended to use a whetstone before using this machine. It can also be dangerous so leave it to professionals.

3. Using a Sharpening Rod:

This is the best way to sharpen steak knives, as this will allow you to sharpen any knife. The difference between using a sharpening stone and a sharpening rod is that one is stationary and the other is not. Thus, if you are trying to fix your steak knife, it leaves something to be desired because you are using a dull blade while you need the sharpness of your knife for cutting. To resolve this issue, get yourself a good-quality steel rod. There are two types of sharpening rods: Waterstones and oilstones. Both of these can be bought from the local hardware store and are relatively cheap. A good technique to know is that you should start with a coarse stone when sharpening your knives, move on to a medium stone, and end with a fine stone. Another thing to remember is that you should always sharpen knives when they get dull. Sharpening on a knife that is not dull will decrease its quality and will make your knives dull faster.

4. Using an Electric Sharpener:

This is a very effective way to sharpen your steak knives. It’s an electric sharpener that uses a ceramic blade. The best part is that you do not need any water to sharpen your knife, but instead, use the oil on the ceramic blade, and your knife will be instilled with new life and sharpness. There are also some models of this type of sharpener powered by steam and not electricity. These are used to sharpen other tools, such as electric drills, and are much cheaper than the models powered by electricity.

5. Using Honing Steel:

The best way to sharpen steak knives is to use honing steel, as this is the only way to sharpen knives that can be used without any kind of equipment. To use a honing steel, you need to have a flat surface, and your knife should be placed on it. Make sure that the knife is completely straight, and then start using your honing steel in a downward motion while being very careful not to hurt yourself in the process. This process should be done on both sides of your knife to ensure it is as sharp as possible.

The Right Type of Steak Knives for Honing:

If we were to choose the right type of steak knives, we would definitely say that serrated steak knives are the best choice out there. This is because serrated knives have a lot of advantages, including their ability to keep food from sticking to them. Also, they have a very nice grip and are suitable for any occasion. It would be very stupid to use a regular steak knife for honing, which is why serrated knives are the best choice.

Two Best Serrated Knives:

1. Brownell’s Xikar 4-Inch Serrated Steak Knife

If you want a serrated knife that will not slip from your hand, this is the one for you. The Brownell steak knife has a contemporary style and comes with a 10-year warranty. It will not only look great in any kitchen, but it will offer you the performance you desire in a serrated knife.

2. Victorinox 4-Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

This is one of the most popular steak knives on the market, and it is no wonder why so many people love it. The knife has a beautiful color combination and is made with steel that has been hardened to 59 HRC. This is the perfect steak knife you can get because it will allow you to get ready to serve your guests or family in no time.

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In conclusion, there are many different types of honing steels and many different ways to sharpen serrated steak knives, but if you are looking for quality and money-saving, then a sharpening rod is what you need.