When cooking meat for dinner, you want to make sure that it is cooked to the right temperature. It is imperative when cooking pork or ground beef because they are more susceptible to bacterial infections. A Santoku knife can be used to prepare your meats with ease.

Santoku Knives:

The first Santoku knife was made in 1964 by a woman named Hisakichi Miki, and she gave the name too, which translates to “three virtues.” The virtues are easy to use, superior cutting ability, and ease of sharpening. Santoku knives have a flat blade that curves into a point similar to a Spartan short sword.

How to Use a Santoku Knife:

There are five ways to use a Santoku knife:

1) Meat Slicing: This cutting is for cutting raw chicken, beef, pork, and tuna with only one stroke. The round tip of these knives does not need to be sharpened.

2) Meat Carving: This is the process of cutting most types of meat with many layers. The blade length is different in carvers’ knives and santoku knives.

3) Carving: This is the process of removing meat with one stroke if you want to keep it for later or use it in a stew or soup.

4) Mincing: This is the process of pulverizing meat into a fine paste. If you want to add it to a dish, you can sprinkle it with salt and pepper.

5) Candy Making: This process is similar to mincing. It involves making a paste from minced meat, onion, and garlic with sugar or flour. You can use it for sweet or savory applications in a recipe.

What Are the Different Types of Santoku Knives?

There are three different types of Santoku knives:

  1. The classic, this type has a curved blade with a sharp point. 
  2. The Western-style, this is considerably shorter than the first form. It has a long handle that is wider at the base. 
  3. The Chinese-style it has an oval blade shaped like an ox tongue. This is not as prominent as the first two forms.

Types of Meat Santoku Knife Can Cut:


The best way to cut beef with a santoku knife is when one has professional chef skills. You need to make sure that you are using the right layout in cutting, especially when you are trying to cook it.


It helps if you know how to prepare your chicken before using your santoku knife for slicing it. The best way is to use their cutting techniques to make it easier and get the best results.


When you are using pork as your meat, the best way to cut is that you choose the right layout for one to have. Having a delicious dish helps when one chooses to slice the meat from the middle up. One might cut from branches down if one thinks it will be easier to prepare for what they want.


Sometimes it is hard for people to cook the turkey and prepare it for slicing. To get the best results, one must use their strength to get the job done. It is wise if one uses a santoku knife to slice the meat into small pieces to get all of them during cooking.


Some people cut fish too wide for their food preparation, so they get extra food waste when trying to prepare it. To cut fish properly, it helps if you use your santoku knife to hold the fish to stay together.

Are Santoku Knives the Best Option to Cut Meat?

Many people think that this is a great knife choice, but it can be difficult for them to have their meal prepared. So, should you use a santoku knife or another knife? You need to consider the type of meat or fish that you will be using it for. It does not only help when you choose the right cut of meat since it might be helpful in your food preparation whenever you are having a busy day.

Keep in mind that this is important for you to have the right knife to have an easier time choosing the one you want. Since there are many types of santoku knives, it is best to choose the right type so you can have your meals prepared easily based on what you are planning to cook. The main thing that you should remember when using a santoku knife is that it gives a great result when preparing your meat. You need to make sure that you are using it at the right time to get the best results.

Santoku Versus Regular Knife:

Those who want to use a Santoku knife need to know that it is important to understand the differences between these two knives.

The main difference between the Santoku and regular traditional knives is that the Santoku has different edges and shapes. The Santoku knife has a flat blade, which curves into a round blade that makes it easier to slice food without having too much force. This type of knife is not sharp since they need to be honed before it can be used. The Santoku knife tends to be thinner than other knives. The Santoku knife has a curved blade that comes down to the edge of the knife. The long handle is designed to accommodate one’s grip, making it easier to use. This type of knife can be used to cut through large cuts of meats, vegetables, and fruits. Using this type of knife makes it possible for you to have greater control when cutting larger cuts of meat or slicing them into smaller pieces for other uses.

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When you need a knife to cut meat, a Santoku knife is a good choice for you. The blade of this knife curved into a point similar to the English short sword used by Spartan warriors. These knives are made from the most rigid steel. They are easy to use, and they’re easy to sharpen as well.